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Zinchenko on Casemiro, Partey or Rodri | Saka World Class? | Can Arsenal Win The League?

29 Agustus 2023
Mbappe or Mudryk, who will win in a race? Is Gabriel Jesus the most skilful Arsenal player? Partey vs Casemiro debate, Zinchenko has his say! Welcome back to the FIVE YouTube channel; Oleksandr Zinchenko joins Joel Beya in a round of Quick Fire Questions! Who is the most underrated player in the Premier League? Which Arsenal academy player has impressed him the most? Who is the hardest player he has ever faced? & much more! Make sure you like, comment, subscribe & hit the notification bell to never miss our content!

00:00; - Intro
00:35; - Which player impresses you the most when it comes to training?
2:30; - Which player do you think can go the furthest?
3:30; - Who has the most potential from the academy?
4:26; - Who is the most underrated player in the Premier League?
6:50; Who would you rather take in a 1v1 Mahrez or Saka?
7:48; - A goal preventing tackle or a match winning goal
8:20;- Mudryk or Mbappe in a race?
9:30: - Who is the toughest opponent that you’ve faced?
10:15; - Why can’t Arsenal win the league?
11:00; - Your feelings for representing your country

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